Little Jay's Colossal Waterpark Adventure

Coming January 2019
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"lots of great life skills for young readers"

This story is a great example of discovery, adventure, and experiencing new things. I love the hints of science behind the flying. It definitely builds creative thought to what it would be like to fly or be a kite and have that experience. I also love that Little Jay had the goal of learning how to fly, worked at it, and finally took the risk of asking permission when he was ready. Lots of great life skills for a young reader.
- Nancy S.

"Great book from a great author"

Finding a good book is never easy, but finding something that will entertain a three (going on 16) year old is always a feat and this story has it all! My kids love this book and we have read it at least 3 times (daily). We can't wait to see what adventure Jay gets himself caught up in next. A great book from a great author!
-Victoria L.

"great Book"

What a fun book? I could hardly wait to see how the Jay's flight would end up. It was exciting to see the excitement build and build. Thank you for writing a book that is geared toward not only children, but children and families. Once again, great book!
-Kathie S.


Inside Little Jay's Current Adventures

Little Jay's Big Kite Adventure

Come fly away with Little Jay and his family of blue jays as they experience the most exciting flight of their lives inside a big red box kite. Watch as Little Jay takes his first flight away from his family oak tree toward his biggest adventure yet!

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Little Jay's Colossal Waterpark Adventure

Join the Jay family once again for another spectacular journey! They'll meet their friends, the Cardinal family, at the most incredible waterpark that Little Jay has ever experienced.

Ride some epic rides, see a purple penguin, and clim to the top of the tallest tree to ride of the famous Colossal waterslide! At the end of the day, when Little Jay and his friends are worn out, there is always more fun to be had on the horizon of his next adventure!

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Norma M. Stricklen

an accomplished Special Olympics coach, wife, mother, grandmother, nature photographer, and animal lover with over 30 years of literary experience to her name. Her newest work "Little Jay's Big Kite Adventure," is the culmination of years of dedication and practice of her love for children's literature.

About the Author

Writing was always a passion, an escape, a way to get my daughter to sleep at night. it was one of the most creative things I could do that did not require any of my free time, because for a long time I did not feel like I had any, not to put into writing that is. ​My life before my books included the title wife, mother, grandmother, sister and caretaker. I was all of those things all the time, all the while, I was always writing, in notebooks, on receipts and napkins, just getting ideas on paper. ​Little Jay and his family of blue jays came to life after spending years in nature photographing birds and other wildlife and seeing how they interact with each other. They are very different from humans, they have family units, are fiercely loyal and are creatures of habit. ​These books are meant to be enjoyed by children of all ages and teach about the wonders of nature, the closeness of a family and the faith it takes to try new adventures, just like publishing my first book. ​I hope you enjoy learning and growing with Little Jay and his family as much as I did. There are so many more adventures to come, and can't wait to discover them together!​-Norma M. Stricklen​